Our Strengths

Our Concept


Our company clients and investors are diverse. We work to understand our clients’ objectives and provide innovative solutions to suit their financing needs. Because we have a “hands-on” relationship with clients and investors, we can work towards a win-win execution.

Our People

We are primarily problem solvers with extensive experience in finance. Diversity makes Accola different; our team members each have a unique financial background encompassing private funds, corporate and structured finance, and capital markets. 

Our Uniqueness


Accola is its people and partners. We pride ourselves on our willingness to bring the best ideas to our clients. Accola believes that quality work is done collaboratively, and favours working in small teams, both internally and with our partners, on our clients’ projects,

Our Goal


We strive to help our clients and investors make wise investment decisions, reduce risks and maximise returns. We strive to enhance our capabilities in order to provide the highest caliber service to our clients and become the advisor of choice in structured finance.