Assisting our clients with their financial instruments


Accola Capital is an independent corporate finance boutique with an expertise in advisory, arrangement and placement.

Financial Advisory

  • Accola Capital provides advisory services to mid and large sized corporations as well as asset managers.
  • As "financial architects" we are committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients and assist them in formulating and executing optimal business strategies.
  • Accola Capital is specialised in structured finance, securitisation, and project finance transactions such as:
    • Trade receivables
    • Equity and Debt Financings
    • Private placements

Risk Management 

  • Accola Capital provides regulatory support services to financial institutions 

Arrangement and placement

  • Accola Capital ’s team initiated the first bond fund in midcaps in France (Micado 2018). – read more about Micado.
  • Accola Capital  arranges and structures innovative funding solutions for corporates and asset managers such as:
    • Issuance of small and mid sized corporate bonds
    • Arrangement and placement of direct lending solutions
    • Fund placements

Third Party Marketing

  • Accola, under the brand name “Investeam UK”, works within the Investeam  network, acting as a Third Party Marketer for funds:

    • UK managed funds: placement notably in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada and in the UK
    • Non UK based funds: placement notably in the UK
    • Investeam general website: