Innovative Financing Solutions


Accola is a corporate and structured finance boutique established in 2008.

                         Our “hands on” approach allows us to arrange and provide tailor-made financing solutions for corporations:

                           -  Advisory services to non-financial corporates seeking to securitise their assets;                      

                           -  Innovative funding solutions for midcaps aiming to disintermediate their funding.


September 2022 :  we advised Fraikin on their EUR 1 bn+ equipment lease securitisation:


We support a wide variety of companies (construction, trading, leasing etc) and work with all assets suitable for securitisation (trade receivables, equipment, inventories). Our role may be to establish a new securitisation programme or to renew and improve an existing one. For example, we recently expanded a trade receivables transaction from EUR100m to EUR250m by improving the asset eligibility criteria and including future invoices in the borrowing base.